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League of Experts - LEX
Belgrade, Topličin venac 11,
Serbia and Montenegro

tel: +381 11 3034280, 3034281;
tel/fax: +381 11 3282975;
e-mail: office@lex.org.rs
Srpski English


Key activities of LEX planned for the first two year period can be divided in 4 basic segments equally contributing to the above mentioned goals:

  1. Designing model laws, model law packages and legislative system solutions for all crucial segments of political, social and economic life of the society, in accordance with European and universal standards;

  2. Providing alternative education for political, economic and social changes, for democratic society building, rule of law, governance and public administration reforms, etc. inclusive training of necessary staff for future judiciary and for future governmental offices in various fields and at all levels;

  3. Dissemination of wide range and high quality information about LEX activities, aimed to promote the civil society idea and civil society action as a whole. This segment includes:

    • A comprehensive media/public awareness action;

    • Dissemination of information within LEX and within the Serbian NGO community in both hard copy and electronic versions;

    • A comprehensive publishing activity aimed primarily towards providing free and easy access to model law texts and respective comments to all segments of the society.

  4. Multidisciplinary expert support and assistance, including especially targeted training, to other civil society group, youth action groups and political parties.

Within this segment LEX provides substantial support to Otpor movement: judges provide legal assistance, LEX psychologists and sociologists (members of Otpor Board) are preparing especially targeted training for Otpor activists that will enable them to better cope with some specific situations, etc.

Expected results

With the above-described activities LEX expects to:

  1. Produce relevant model law packages and system solutions, which will be presented to all democratic and changes oriented forces in Serbia and thus provide elements for the necessary political changes platform. This will be performed in cooperation and with participation of other NGO and political party experts;

  2. Contribute to promoting and development of civil society action in this field and thus promote a new cultural model of alternative and/or parallel public legislative reform oriented action, an of civil society action in legislative reform drafting process and advocacy;

  3. Introduce new model mechanisms for civil society based legislative action control;

  4. Contribute, together with other civil society groups, to introducing of a mutual assistance civil society action model. Such a model proves to be of utmost importance in existing social and political environment of Serbia.

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