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League of Experts - LEX
Belgrade, Topličin venac 11,
Serbia and Montenegro

tel: +381 11 3034280, 3034281;
tel/fax: +381 11 3282975;
e-mail: office@lex.org.rs
Srpski English

List of members

  1. Babović, dr Budimir,
    former head of the Yugoslav department of Interpol and former vice president of Interpol
  2. Beljanski, Slobodan,
    president, Chamber of Lawyers of Voivodina
  3. Božović, dr Ratko,
    professor, Sociology of Culture, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade
  4. Čejović, dr Bora,
    professor, Law School, Kragujevac
  5. Čupić, dr Čedomir,
    professor, Democratic Society Development, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade
  6. Denda, Aleksandar,
    president of the Alliance for Sustainable Development (Belgrade based umbrella NGO)
  7. Đorđević, dr Jelena,
    Faculty of Defectology, University of Belgrade
  8. Goati, dr Vladimir,
    Institute of Social Sciences; founding member of CESID
  9. Grubač, dr Momčilo,
    professor, Law School, Novi Sad
  10. Ivić, dr Ivan,
    professor, Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade
  11. Ivošević, dr Zoran,
    former judge of the Republic of Serbia Supreme Court, (Independent Judges Association)
  12. Karamarković, Leposava,
    Republic of Serbia Supreme Court judge, (Independent Judges Association)
  13. Knežević, dr Dragoljub,
    Former professor of Private International Law at the Belgrade University Law School, attorney at law, Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Legal Studies – Law Center, Belgrade
  14. Kopečni, dr Miroslav,
    professor, Environmental systems, president of the BK University, Belgrade
  15. Lazić, dr Mladen,
    professor, Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade
  16. Matković, dr Gordana,
    Institute of Economy, Belgrade
  17. Milivojević, dr Snježana,
    professor, Media and public opinion, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade
  18. Pihler, dr Stanko,
    professor, Law School Novi Sad
  19. Pitić, dr Goran,
    Faculty of Economy Belgrade, director of Economic Research Department, Institute of Economy
  20. Popović, dr Dejan,
    professor, Law School, Belgrade
  21. Popović, dr Dragoljub,
    former professor, Law School, Belgrade, Attorney at Law, Head of Center for Advanced Law Studies, Belgrade
  22. Prelević, Božo,
    former judge of the 5th Belgrade Municipal Court, (Independent Judges Association)
  23. Rakić-Vodinelić, dr Vesna,
    professor, Law School
  24. Savić, dr Nebojša,
    economy professor, BK University, Belgrade
  25. Sbutega, dr Branko,
    M.D.Ph.D, Head of Study and Research Unit, Institute for Orthopedics "Banjica", Belgrade, (Independent medicine and pharmacy trade union)
  26. Tomić, dr Zoran,
    professor, Law School, Belgrade
  27. Trebješanin, Prof. dr ´arko,
    professor, Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade
  28. Vasilić, Jelisaveta,
    judge, Republic of Serbia Superior Economic Court, (Independent Judges Association)
  29. Vučetić, dr Slobodan,
    former judge of the Republic of Serbia Constitutional Court, (Independent Judges Association)
  30. Šaponja, Milanka,
    journalism, publishing activities
  31. Šušnjić, dr Đuro,
    professor, Sociology of Religion, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade
  32. Prelević, Luka ,
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