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League of Experts - LEX
Belgrade, Topličin venac 11,
Serbia and Montenegro

tel: +381 11 3034280, 3034281;
tel/fax: +381 11 3282975;
e-mail: office@lex.org.rs
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Name and Surname: Božo Prelević
Date of Birth: August 26, 1959
Place of Birth: Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Nationality: Yugoslav


• License in Law at the Belgrade University Law School in 1986.;
• Qualifying examination for judges before the Supreme Court of Serbia in 1991.;
• Attended courses on standards of European Union in Budapest and on regulations of European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg;


• Journalist on radio-station Studio "B" 1979 -1983;
• Employed at the 5th Belgrade Municipal Court since 1989;
• Appointed judge of the 5th Belgrade Municipal Court since 1994 to 2000.;
• Between March ’96 and October ’97 a parallel judge period at both the 5th Belgrade Municipal Court and the Municipal Court in Vucitrn, Kosovo;
• Because of his active membership in the Independent Judges Association dissolved of duty by the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia on December 21st 1999, against the law and against the Constitution;
• Attorney at law and creator of the first criminal charge against President Milosevic (October 2nd 2000)
• The Minister of Interior after the fall of Milosevics regime (October 5th 2000)
• The President for juridical, army and police in Coordination Body of Federal and Republic Government, for the South Serbia, and the initiator of establishing multiethnic police forces in this region;
• Member of the Board of the Serbian Assembly 2000 - 2001;
• The Advisor of Minister of Interior of the Republic of Serbia for international cooperation and reform of police forces 2002 - 2002 (resigned on October 5th 2002);
• Instructor of European Council for the implementation of Human Rights Convention - training of judges and prosecutors - 2002;
• President of State Commission founded by Sovereign Defense Council of Serbia and Montenegro for investigation end examining circumstances of death soldiers at Topcider in 2004;
• Lawyer 2002- (major and high profile criminal cases: murder of Zoran Djindjic, Premier of Serbia, and others)


• Executive director of a non governmental organization League of Experts - LEX;
• Head of his own lawyer’s office;
• Coordinator of Project on reform of law on Conditions and Procedures for Providing Security Protection by Privately Owned Enterprises;


• One of the founding members of the Independent Judges Association of Serbia, its spokesman and the Executive Board member since 1997;
• President of the Belgrade City Assembly’s Committee for juvenile delinquency, alcoholism and drug abuse since 1997;
• One of the founding members of the League of Experts – LEX;
• Lecturing at the Belgrade Open School alternative educational institution;
• Member of the Executive Board of the Belgrade Lawyers Association;
• Member of the Board of the Yugoslav Association for Forensic Medicine and Forensic Psychiatry;
• Advisory board member of the NGO G17 plus Board;
• Member of the Committee of Ethic of the Military Academy Hospital


• Organizer and facilitator of a round table “Is there Corruption in the Court?”, Belgrade, 1998;
• Organizer and facilitator of a round table “Young people and their Prospective”, Belgrade, 1998;
• Organizer and facilitator of a round table “Why not after 24:00 hours?” Belgrade, 1999;
• Organizer and facilitator of a round table “Influence of Politics on Mental Health”, Belgrade, 1999;
• Participated at the symposium on The Hague Tribunal, organized by the Humanitarian Law Foundation, Belgrade, 1998;
• Attended several dozen professional and expert workshops in Yugoslavia and abroad.
• Organizer and facilitator of round table debates on Independence of Judiciary – Belgrade, Kikinda, Nis, Belgrade (1999-2000);
• Participant of several dozen meetings against autocratic system of President Milosevic, which was the reason for being dissolved of his duty together with two other Judges from Constitutional Court and from Supreme Court of Serbia (it was the first time that Judges were dismissed in such way);
• Co-organizer and facilitator of “Preventive of smuggling small arms and weapon Conference”, Belgrade 2001;
• Representative of FR Yugoslavia on UN Conference "Preventive of smuggling small arms and weapon" in New York on July 2002
• Expert of OSCE for education of members of Federal and Republic Parliament (police and intelligence service control)




• Interviews and articles in publications: La Croix, Le Monde, The Washington Post, BBC, Le Figaro, Observateur, Nasa Borba, Blic News, Blic, Danas, Duga, Glas and other.
• Co-author of the book: “Human Rights in Legal Practice” (Belgrade Center for Human Rights, 1997) and
• Author of the book “Extremism” about Ground Security Zone (Belgrade, 2000.).
• Co-author of model The low Intelligence service
• Co-author of model The low of the Police.

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